Blurry night scene shot with my Contax T2 & Kodak Tri-x 400 at Chateau Rouge tube station, Paris 2020.
Sneaky shot of a old man at a Döner Kebab's till photographed in Marx Dormoy, Paris 2020.
Angry dog, Paris 2019. This photograph is called 'Thelma' and has beeb shot with my Olympus Mju 2.
Old grumpy woman at Le Chat Noir bar's terrasse, Paris 2020 photographed with my Leica M6.
A man asking direction, Marx Dormoy, Paris Summer 2020. This very contrasted black and white photograph is called 'Les Routiers'.
Two scary women in Barbes-Rochechouart area, Paris 18ème. This bottom view photograph is called 'Les dames noires' and has been shot using Kodak Tri-X 400 and Olympus Mju2.
Overly blurry scene of a mum and her baby carried on her back, photographed with my Contax T2 in Paris.
Asian woman and her baby in her arms, shot with my Leica M6, Paris 18ème, 2020.
Scene photographed from the top of a kid playing football in Belleville, Paris 2018.
Sleeping man in a bush, Pigalle area, Paris.
Two look-a-like haircut guys photographed from the back with my Leica M6&Kodak triX, Place de Clichy, Paris.
Old man asking me direction, La Chapelle tube station in Paris, 2020.
Grainy summer scene of a loving mum and her two kids, shot by night at Gare Du Nord in Paris.
Sleeping lady at the office nearby the parisian park, Les Buttes Chaumont. Sneaky shot with my Leica M6.
Bottom view black and white analog photo of a Chateau Rouge scene in Paris, 2020.
Heavy blurry and grainy photograph of two young ladies shot by night in Chatelet area, Paris.
Moriyama inspired black & white photograph, shot in Paris, 2020. Blurry, contrasted and grainy snapshot.
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