This the cover of my Cuba zine called 24 HORAS. It represents the sun rising on the streets of Trinidad. The whole project has been shot in Black and White, using a Leica M6 and a Contax T2 and the Trix-400 from Kodak.
Hotel in La Habana, Cuba. The contrast between the name America and the domestic economic situation inspired me to shoot this picture with a very contrasty andgrainy black and white photographic film, the Kodak Trix-400.
This is a black and white analog photograph of two fishermen I took during a walking by the Malecon, La Habana in Cuba in March 2020.
A very sneaky snapshot in Black and White I took on a very hot afternoon In La Habana, just before going back to Paris before the first lockdown.
Street scenes in La Habana, Cuba, first time people were wearing masks. Deep blacks on the picture reinforce the feeling of hotness.
Blurry bottom view scene of a man on a phone, La Habana, Cuba, March 2020. Photographed with my Contax T2 with Kodak Tri-X.
Woman on a public phone, photographed from the back, La Habana, Cuba, March 2020.
La Habana landscape scene of two women, March 2020 photographed with my Leica M6.
Trinidad empty street photographed in Black and White, using my Contax T2 and the Kodak Tri-X film.
Lovely old couple in front of their home in Trinidad, Cuba March 2020.
Two men playing chess in the street, Trinidad, Cuba photographed with my Leica M6.
Portrait of an old man smoking a cigar, Trinidad, Cuba, March 2020.
Candid photograph of a typical cuban home, March 2020.
Street scene in La Habana, Cuba. Shot in Black and White, using Olympus Mju 2 analog camera and Kodak Tri-X 400.
Windy and Sunny Landscape photograph of two young ladies catching a taxi in Varadero, March 2020 shot with my Leica M6.
Group of kids playing and arguing in the streets of Trinidad, March 2020.
Group of teenagers waiting for their fresh juices, La Habana 2020. Photographed with a flash using my Olympus Mju2.
Pointing finger man in Trinidad streets, Cuba March 2020 photographed with my Contax T2 and Kodak Trix 400.
Sad looking old man in the street, photographed in black and white in Trinidad with my Contax T2.
Very contrasted photograph of a very dark skin old lady at home, in Trinidad, Cuba March 2020.
Tough guy showing us how to smoke a cigar in his home, La Habana, March 2020. This photo is called 'Felix'.
Street dog in La Habana, Cuba photographed with my Leica M6.
Blurry and contrasted night street scene in La Habana, Cuba photographed with my Leica M6.
Agencia Cubana De Rap, La Habana, Cuba.
Moriyama inspired image of a moving lady in La Habana, Cuba
A street cat escaping my photograph frame in La Habana, Cuba, March 2020.
A not so young lady at a bar in La Habana, Cuba called 24 HORAS, photographed with my Olympus Mju 2.
Night picture of three street cats in La Habana, Cuba.
Very blurry scene photographed in Black and White in Varadero, Cuba March 2020.
Night scene of skateboarders in Varadero, Cuba, photographed from the back with my Olympus Mju2.
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