Street parisian scene photographed with Contax T2 & Trix 400
Marianne taking a selfie while the streets of Paris are burning, Paris May 2021 during a pacific free palestine protest.
Naked Donald Trump, Paris 2021
Protests, Paris May 2021 shot with Ilford 3200
Blurry scene of kids at the back of a car shot in Marcadet-Poissonniers, Summer 2020
Elegant man in suit, Chateau Rouge 2020
O'merde written on the wall, street scene, Barbs-Rochechouart, Summer 2020
Jesus est le seul dieu, Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, Paris 2020
A man cycling with a suitcase while having a conversation on a cellphone, Paris 19ème
Blurry portrait, Sevilla 2021
Night portrait, Christophe, La Trincante, 2019
Spécialités chinoises, Riquet, Paris 19ème
Hélène sleeping in the streets of Barcelona, 2020
Marion taking a shower, Paris 2019
A dog in Lisboa, 2016
Juan sleeping, Lyon 2017
Old man with umbrella, Sevilla 2021
Drunk man walking in the 19th district, Paris
A cat and a crocodile photographed with flash & trix-400
Beggar, Paris 2020
Ambulance in need, Paris 2020
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