Summer scene of a cat trying to reach a seagull on a roof, in Burgas, Bulgaria. This photograph is called 'Good food is good mood'
Two cops chatting with a guy with 'Naked For Free' written nearby them. High contrasted image from my Leica M6 and Kodak Tri-X.
A cat chilling near a motocycle with 'Gucci Gang' sprayed on the wall  in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2020.
Cute family entering a church in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2020 photographed with my olympus Mju 2 and some HP5+.
Street photograph taken in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2020 including a dog and an hidden car.
Gagarin Boys sprayed on a wall in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2020.
A beautiful girl waiting for the night bus in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2020 photographed my Olympus Mju 2 and Ilford HP5+.
Very contrasted image of an hand taken on the parisian subway, 2017.
Blurry photograph of a girl sitting on a fake leopard printed chair in a low price hotel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2020.
Blurry portrait of a hooded man, taken in Paris with my Contax T2.
Blurry black and white image of a young boy carrying a couple of flags during a pro-European manifestation in Tirana, Albania, shot with my Olympus Mju 2.
Albanian flag carried by a boy during a pro-european manifestation in Tirana, Albania 2019.
Very crowdy area in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey 2018
Empty area of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey 2018 photographed with my Nikon FM2 on some Fuji Acros 100.
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